The Haciendas Live Music

Hatch November – Live Music Review

Starting the festive period of 2021, an audience went to Hatch for a night of live music expecting to see an array of talent and that is exactly what the artists showcased.

The impressive 6-act line up paired with the beautifully atmospheric venue was all it needed to be and more to attract a full crowd. With every table taken and a smiling crowd forming along the front of the stage, the excitement for the night to come was infectious.

Manchester-born Hayden J Barlow kicked off the night with just himself and a Es-335. The building crowd was quickly quietened by the sound of Hayden’s soulful and euphonious voice and outright impressive electric guitar skills. His relaxed disposition made It appear like he was exactly where he was supposed to be, on stage performing.

Charlotte Lawrence, a welsh songwriter, soon followed with an acoustic set of her own. Charlotte’s euphonious voice paired with the event’s winter aesthetic made for a dreamy set. She performed a haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game which, like the rest of her performance, was a true crowd pleaser.

Echo Melon entered the stage as the first band of the night, shifting the tone and atmosphere. With their self-described Indie-soul tracks, their performance was lively and uplifting. Their ability to transition from different genres with their strong vocals set their performance apart.

Mancunian, indie-rock band From Carbon were next up and shifted the atmosphere entirely. Suddenly, the audience were reminded they were not in a winter wonderland but in fact, Manchester where indie music was born. All the tracks the 5-piece played were anthemic and light despite their melodies falling on the heavier side.

The Cavs, also a 5-piece, stormed the stage shortly after and effortlessly kept the energy of the audience high. The Cavs provided no theatrics but simple Mancunian rock n roll that was greatly received from the crowd surrounding the stage. The punchy guitar riffs, charming vocals and the addition of Tambourine made for an electric performance.

Last but certainly not least, The Haciendas confidently and impressively closed the night once again. Playing their tracks including their newest single, Other Side, the 4-piece provided the audience with a marvellous ending to what was a great night of music. Not only was their talent supreme, so was their ability to engage with the crowd, making it seem like they have and will always belong on a stage, performing.

The Concordes were set to perform but they tragically lost their bassist Billy Jackson the day of the event. We would like to extend our thoughts and love to the members of Concordes and re-iterate their message: ‘Please remember to always check in on your friends and family especially at this time of the year, people aren’t as always as they may seem.’ The band are going to push forward with their headline show at Retro on December 4th, they will be playing it in memory of ‘Billy’ and also raising for Samaritans. It would be great if you could get down to support the cause and also the band at this difficult time, you can get tickets from Fatsoma by clicking here.

Keep your eye on our events page for the announcement of our next night of live music at Hatch, which will be held on Thursday 16th December.