Shadows of a silhouette - Better the devil you know

Shadows Of A Silhouette | Better The Devil You Know

Hailing from Alfreton, Derbyshire, Shadows Of A Silhouette are back only shortly after the release of their latest EP Rosy Retrospection with their new single Better the Devil You Know. The small town alternative quartet dedicate the song to their loyal fanbase, which seems to increase in size with every gig. Better the Devil You Know centres the loss of family, friends, and lovers, and alludes to the grieving process, however, the lyrics urge to not forget the strength you have to battle through hard times. The band states: “Life goes on. And how sad it is when it does.”

Shadows Of A Silhouette are excited to announce their busy year, in which they hope to channel their rock roots with multiple new singles, declaring them “Bangers of the highest order”. Their journey is certainly not one to miss, and we will be waiting in suspense for the next tracks to arrive!

Don’t forget to stream Better the Devil You Know, and check out the band’s website to stay up-to-date about upcoming gigs and releases. 

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